About Me

I'm a 27 year-old Jerseyman (of Breton descent) and grew up in the Island, attending St Saviour's Primary School, Grainville and Hautlieu, before moving to London for 4 years to study Law at the University of Westminster.
I have always passionately believed that democratic systems of government deliver the best results for the people. I was motivated to get involved with Jersey politics because of how undemocratic our electoral system is and how every Council of Ministers has been incredibly unpopular with the public, yet has managed to get re-elected by deceiving the public about their real plans and by fixing the electoral system to ensure their constituencies are over-represented in the States Assembly.

As the youngest member of the States Assembly, I think that the antiquated and backwards attitude many government members and civil servants have has directly contributed to the falling standard of living that people of my generation are set to experience unless something drastic is done. If I can achieve anything in politics, I hope it is to force our system to operate in a way which is fit for purpose in the 21st Century.

My politics are on the centre-left of the political spectrum and I confidently identify as a democratic socialist. I believe that the way we achieve positive change is by ordinary people working together, in partnership with the democratically elected government, to create an environment where anybody, no matter their race, gender, disability, sexual orientation or social background, can achieve their potential. I believe that massive income inequality is a scourge on our society and we need to actively strive for a society which is fairer, where the poorest and most vulnerable are taken care of, where those with the broadest shoulders carry the burden and where those with aspiration are supported to achieve their potential.

I'm incredibly proud that in my short time in politics I have developed a reputation as a thorn in the side of the Council of Ministers. I ask more questions than virtually all other members (my Reform Jersey colleagues being the only exceptions) and have always provided alternative proposals, rather than just criticising those whom I disagree with. Even when I lose the vote on my propositions, I feel glad that at least I have tried to implement the policies I promised my voters would, but I have also had some important successes which have made a real difference.

Many right-wing politicians and their supporters have described me as "dangerous". I take that as a complement!

My long term dream for Jersey is to have a progressive and democratic government which works in the interests of ordinary people, not the rich and powerful. I hope to play a leading role in taking our Island in that direction.

In my spare time I play electric guitar in a rock band (FlashMob) and organise several gigs every year. I enjoy reading both local and international history, going for long walks on Jersey's beautiful coastline and going to the pub with my mates!

Current Roles -

Chairman of Reform Jersey, political party

Chairman of the Care of Children in Jersey Review Panel (States)

Chairman of the Criminal Procedures Sub Panel (States)

Vice-chairman of the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel (States)

Member of the Privileges and Procedures Committee (States)

Members of the States of Jersey Diversity Forum (States)

Member of the St Helier - Avranches Twinning Committee (Parish)

Trustee for the St Helier Youth & Community Trust (Parish)

Political achievements -

Elected as the youngest member of the States of Jersey at the age of 23 in March 2014 in the constituency of St Helier No. 2. Re-elected in October 2014

Founded the political party Reform Jersey.

Brought a successful proposition to the States to begin the path of legalising same-sex marriage.

Brought a proposition forcing the government to consider a significant rise in the minimum wage.

Played a leading role in the successful 'Save People's Park' campaign.

Successfully stopped the government from going ahead with it's plans to introduce a lower minimum wage rate for people below the age of 25.

Have assisted countless constituents with their problems with States departments.