Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Manifesto Summary

I am standing in this by-election because faith in the States of Jersey is at rock bottom and I believe that the way we do politics has got to drastically change to regain the respect of islanders.

The Annual Social Survey at the end of 2013 showed that 75% of people do not have faith in the States of Jersey. This follows a year when unemployment hit the highest it has ever been, the cost of living has continued to rise and of continued in-fighting in the States.

I believe we need States Members with a 21st Century view of justice and fairness who are on the side of ordinary hard working islanders and will fight for policies that are in line with our values as a community.

Ultimately, this by-election is to fill out the last 8 months until the general election, so what I can achieve in that time will be limited. It is often said that it takes new States Members 6 months to get to grips with the job. For me, this will not be the case. I have been campaigning for two years, following States debates and procedures very closely and (because of the referendum last year) have a good working relationship with many States Members already. I will be active and effective from day one, and that is exactly the kind of States Member that St Helier No. 2 needs to see out the rest of this term.

I can make few credible promises, other than that I will always be a voice for the values of the people in St Helier No. 2 and that I will always work hard for constituents that need help.

My priority in the States will be to pressure the government to –
  1. Reduce unemployment and enhance job security for those already in work
  2. Address the increasing cost of living
  3. End excessive population growth
  4. Improve housing standards
  5. Reform the States to increase St Helier’s voice in government.

Policies –
  • Massive crackdown on inappropriate use of zero-hour contracts.
  • Promote a real “living wage”, higher than the minimum wage, enough for working people to live on without income support.
  • A stricter work-permit scheme to end excessive population growth.
  • Improve quality and affordability of private and social accommodation, as well as security for tenants.
  • Oppose any attempt to increase GST and support any credible moves to remove it from food and utility bills.
  • Fast-track the introduction of anti-discrimination law.
  • Introduce statutory maternity leave at full pay for a decent length of time.
  • States to pay Parish Rates to improve funding for St Helier services.
  • Reform the States to increase representation for St Helier in government.
  • Introduce a “recall system” so voters can hold “votes of no confidence” on States Members.
  • Invest in renewable energy to make the island self sufficient and protect the environment.
  • Improved access to child care facilities for parents wishing to go back to work.
  • A public vote for Chief Minister.