Saturday, 30 July 2016

Please vote Sam Mézec for Senator - 7th September

I'm running for election as Senator in the by-election on the 7th September!

I have proudly represented the people of St Helier No. 2 as their Deputy for two and a half years. In that time I've worked hard to put their interests at the forefront of everything I do in politics and I have kept to every single one of my manifesto pledges.

But now I want to stand before the electorate of the whole Island to get a mandate for an alternative vision to the one being pursued by the Ian Gorst-led government.

The Council of Ministers has cut support for the poorest and most vulnerable Islanders, seen poverty drastically increase and is now proposing introducing stealth taxes which nobody voted for.

I want to make this election a chance for voters to cast a verdict on the Council of Ministers.

Only a vote for me is a vote for change which will send a strong message to the government that they must change direction.

No matter where you live in the Island, you will be able to vote on 7th September. I hope you'll consider voting for me as your Reform Jersey candidate!