Thursday, 7 November 2013

The BBC digs even deeper. A memory failing from Matthew Price.

You cannot understand how irritating I find it that blog posts like this are even necessary, but here we go....

Another update on my complaints saga with the local BBC.

My last post on the subject can be found HERE. I have not edited this page since I published it, and regular readers will recognise the issues I bring up. It's probably best to read the previous post first before going through this one.

I was actually interviewed by the BBC live on air early this afternoon to talk about reform. The programme was, in my opinion, very good, very enjoyable to listen to and had a wide variety of points of view that were put across in an easily accessible way. The host, Sara Palmer, was also very good. So it is a shame that on the same day I have to post this blog.

Here is what has provoked me to write this new post -

(Thanks goes to for recording this).

In this clip, Deputy Trevor Pitman at 01:38 brings up complaints that have been made to the national BBC about the editor of the local BBC, Jon Gripton, promoting a hate-site aimed at Deputy Shona Pitman. Matthew Price then alleges that he knew "absolutely nothing" about these complaints.

This is utterly false, and I have the evidence here to prove it.

But first, a brief summary of the complaint -

On the 5th of March, Jon Gripton posted a Tweet in which he endorsed and called the hate-site "amusing".

Several of us complained and Jon Gripton disappeared off Twitter for a few months. When he returned, there was no mention of why he had left, and those that had complained about him had been pre-emptively blocked so we couldn't complain again.

When the BBC investigated, Gripton denied having ever promoted the hate-site. As I proved on my last blog, this was utterly false.

In August the BBC ran a programme about cyber-bullying. On their Facebook page, I and several others pointed out their hypocrisy when their own editor promoted a cyber-bully and then refused to allow himself to be held accountable for it.

This was the comment I posted on it -

Matthew Price saw and read this comment, as can be verified by the fact he then left this comment in response to me -

Of course I refused to remove my comment because I knew full well that everything I was saying was true and that I had the evidence to prove it.

I then received this private message from Matthew Price, followed by my reply -

So here we have it. Evidence that Matthew Price knew full well exactly what Deputy Trevor Pitman was talking about.

A momentary memory meltdown, or mischievous misleading manoeuvring? You decide.


P.s. Tonight at 7.30pm, upstairs at the Post Horn, Reform Jersey are meeting to talk about the campaign for democracy moving forward. Feel free to join us. Always happy for new faces to show up.


  1. Well done, Sam. If anyone finds fault with the more public methods you and other people in Jersey use to complain or state a particular case, perhaps they should consider that all normal channels have proved ineffective or closed entirely. I am amused by Mr Gripton's hypocrisy and Mr Price's advice to use available, appropriate channels. It shouldn't be necessary to point out the obvious fact that all too many have tried those channels only to be ignored.

  2. Good on Deputy Pitman for showing people what a sham this is and the fact Sean Power is involved makes it stink of skullduggery. Well done to you Sam for showing what a liar Matthew Price is.

  3. Interesting. I might lift part of this for my blog if that's ok. Just waiting for the result of my complaint to the BBC. From what I've just read it seems the Corporation needs to take a grip ton itself.

  4. Well done Sam. Keep up the evidence based posts.

    The sad thing is that those who only listen to the radio will have been taken in by Price's rush to denial and to shut Trevor up.

    The whole item on that subject is as clear an illustration of BBCJersey bias and spin as you could find.

  5. Good post Sam. To think Matthew Price had the gall to say to me on air that he knew nothing of Mr Gripton's cowardly endorsement of a hate site against Shona. The 'impartial' BBC? I think the true pictures is evidently somewhat different and you have shown it. So...Shona still waiting for an apology from Gripton can I add that I am now awaiting one from Mr Price...

  6. The troll appears to be having a field day on this one too.

    Do us all a favour and stick to your hate site with the paedophile-defenders and thugs. That's probably company you're more comfortable in.

  7. I too have evidence of Mr Gripton lying- he did this when I took a complaint through the BBC complaint service in 2012.
    Mr. Gripton claimed I "misheard" what Roger Bara said. As this simply wasn't the case and others had also heard it, I continued with my quest. Apparantly I was being difficult as there was no copy of the particular broadcast. Gripton denied it again and asked I 'draw a line under the matter' but I was not prepared to let this bully take over. Eventually the BBC investigation team looked into the matter. BBC Jersey quickly found a recording of the broadcast and the investigation team agreed I had been correct all along. Unsurprisingly there was no appology from Gripton.

    1. Why on Earth does this man tell such obvious and provable lies? I can understand someone lying if they think they can get away with it, but not in this circumstance when the proof is obviously there.

      What a fool.

      I've made an official complaint to the national BBC about this incident, so we'll see how he deals with that.

  8. Hi Sam.

    Here's another terrible piece of interviewing by a BBC Journo, MP Hemming shows her up for what she is, just a Mouth Piece for the Government.

    You and your readers can Listen HERE


  9. You said that JG blocked people from his twitter account because he "couldn't stand being held to account by the public of Jersey"

    How can you tell what he was thinking?

    1. It's an educated guess.

      Care to make a better one?