Thursday, 12 December 2013

Reply to my letter to the Chief Minister on his visit to Israel

Below is the letter I received back from the Chief Minister after I sent him this letter -

A few things - 

He does mention that Shimon Peres is a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. This is true, but let's not forget that he was the co-recipient with General Yitzhak Rabin, who was responsible for the Sabra and Chatila massacre (Google it if you want to read something absolutely horrifying). And of course, President Obama is also a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, despite him contributing absolutely nothing to world peace whatsoever. He still sends drones over Afghanistan and Pakistan that kill innocent people, he has not closed Guantanamo Bay and he has fanned the flames in Israel by making outrageous declarations that Israel should be able to keep Jerusalem in any peace settlement, despite this being a non-negotiable point for the Palestinians.

Unfortunately, the Nobel Peace Prize has lost any credibility it may once have had.

I am also thinking it could be worth starting some sort of "Palestinian Solidarity" group, or even a branch of the UK Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

I have a lot on my plate at the moment though, so that may be something to think about in the new year.


Dear Sam

Thank you for your message.

Jersey’s external relations policy is aligned with the overall British foreign policy approach to Israel. This is a policy of constructive engagement, with the ultimate goal of securing a universally recognised Israel living alongside a sovereign and viable Palestinian state, achieved through direct negotiations between the parties.

Shimon Peres also supports this position, having stated recently that "the peace process with the Palestinians has an agreed beginning and an agreed solution: two states for two nations." As you may be aware, the Israeli President was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to create peace in the Middle East. He believes that peace is not just a strategic choice, but a moral call which stems from Israel’s heritage and that now is the time to renew the peace process.

Whilst the human rights situation in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories continues to be of concern, we support the British position of promoting security, prosperity and regional peace through partnership with Israel. These priorities are mutually supportive and the interests of Jersey and the UK are indivisible from our enduring values.

I trust that this response helps in understanding our overall approach.

Kind Regards

Senator Ian Gorst

Chief Minister of Jersey

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