Thursday, 2 April 2015

Reform Jersey - Free GPs press release

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Press Release - For immediate release
Reform Jersey maintains free GP visit policy despite Jersey Consumer Council findings
Jersey’s only political party has rejected claims recently made by the Jersey Consumer Council that the public do not want to see free access to GPs for all Islanders due to potential “abuse” of the system.
Reform Jersey party leader Deputy Sam Mézec said “I don't think that anyone can seriously claim that a forum where only 54 people took part can possibly give us any indication of what Island-wide opinion from all social groups is. The numbers alone give me cause to believe the findings are unrepresentative. We also were not given the questions those people were asked to examine if they were leading questions or if the full picture was given.
The council was right to identify that we would not want to promote people abusing the system, however we have to remember that the current system ends up forcing people to put off addressing their illnesses at an early stage, when it is cheaper to treat, because of worrying about paying to see a doctor. These people often end up using A&E instead, where it ultimately costs the taxpayer much more to see them than if they had been to see a GP in the first place.
“One's health is of paramount importance and whilst some sectors of society may be willing and able to pay, it is also true any charge to see a GP can act as a disincentive, especially for the increasing number of people who do not have the luxury of disposable income. And for them, seeing a doctor should not be a luxury, but a right” added fellow Reform Jersey member Deputy Montfort Tadier.
We welcome the progress that has been made with some surgeries now voluntarily offering free visits to certain age groups, but ultimately we want to see appointments free for all Islanders, funded by raising the social security cap on high earners.”
In the United Kingdom people have the ability to see a GP for free. It is often claimed that this leads to longer waiting lists, however this varies across the country, where the determining factor is actually how well funded the local scheme is and how many GPs they actually employ, rather than the principle of free GP appointments itself.

Notes to the editor

  • Reform Jersey party policy is to move towards scrapping fees for GP visits altogether, with immediate steps made towards abolishing fees for those on low incomes, pensioners, children and those with chronic illnesses.
  • Reform Jersey would pay for this by raising the social security cap on high earners, asking the well off to share the burden instead of forcing hardship on those who are struggling to get by.


  1. Good job RJ it's about time somebody stood up for the less well off on this island and about time the wealth was spread more equally but we know your proposition will fail because the COM only look after their rich friends.

  2. The proposition will fail because RJ has alienated the other states members,and for no other reason

    1. Jon, stop embarrassing yourself with these constant stupid posts. We all know it's you because it's the same old rubbish time and time again.

      Firstly - there is no proposition. We have not lodged anything. You'd know that if you even bothered to read the press release.

      Secondly - you haven't got a clue what other States Members think of us. We get on well with virtually all of them, we just have political disagreements.

      Thirdly - if it were a proposition it would fail because it involves taxing Ian Gorsts rich mates a bit more and he represents them first and foremost before any other social group of Islanders and so would reject it on that self serving basis.

      Now go outside and get some fresh air Jon.

  3. The old screenshots come in handy when you want to submit evidence on the cyber bullying law. Being a victim of Maureen Morgan I will be producing quite a lot of evidence against her as will you I would have thought Sam?

    1. Indeed although I probably only have three or four screenshots as I've got much better things to do with my life (unlike her).

      And unfortunately the screenshots I have are mostly just of the really funny things she's said (like when she called herself a socialist and then spent ages attacking socialists as if she'd never said it in the first place).

      Although I do have a screen shot of when she accused me of being anti-Semitic for expressing the radical view that I disapprove of Palestinian children being murdered by a stealth bomber as they play football on the beach. I've also got one of her accusing me of being sacked from a job that she has yet to properly admit was a complete lie. Those are the only two incriminating ones though.

      I know of others who have a huge amount of screenshots of her disgusting attacks on victims of abuse and her encouragement of others to do the same.

      Likewise there is also a huge stack of evidence against her buddy JSH who has spent hours drunk on the phone to people threatening a local bloggers wife as she was both pregnant and ill. A man MM continues to defend to this very day, such is her moral repugnance.

      Can't wait to see how they run around like headless chickens trying to dig their way out of it.

      But since she'll be reading this (as she reads everything I write) I'm intrigued as to where she got her latest idea that I claimed Reform Jersey was intending to put up candidates In all constituencies? I'm calling bullshit on that, but I'd like to see the Tweet she'll be claiming said that which actually didn't say anything like it. Just another opportunity for her to prove how brainless she is.

  4. 1. I am happy to pay because I can. I believe people should be given free GP visits EXCEPT those who can afford it. It should be means tested, to give it to everyone is ludicrous.

    2. The 54 sample that you criticise is about the number of votes that you were elected by, so don't moan.

    3. Perhaps you should investigated the "paper bag" scandal between the granting of the St Mary Roadworks contractor and TTS. That shouldn't take you long, everyone is talking about it.

    1. Fifty four is four more votes than Maureen Morgan got when she stood in St Helier No.1

    2. 1. It's not ludicrous. It's standard practice in many places. It may not be to your taste, but it's not exactly farfetched.

      2. No it isn't, don't be stupid.

      3. I've not received a single call or email about it and have more important things to deal with.

  5. 1. Would you please advise where it is Standard Practice?
    2. Yes it is, don't be stupid.
    3. So corruption within government and private companies isn't a concern of yours?

    1. 1. A little known country called the United Kingdom.

      2. How many votes did you get?

      3. No one has pointed out any corruption to me. I'd be delighted to hear all about it if it does exist. Please send info to

  6. Just a quick question. Do you believe that your Parcohial Quarter rate should differ according to your income ?

  7. If fear of a free system being abused is for some people such an issue, then the answer is simple. Why not continue to charge a fee but substantially lower? £10.00 per visit for example. Nobody is going to timewaste at a Doctors if its going to cost them even that little.

    I know people who won't go to Doctors or Dentists over here because the fee is too high. So they leave the problem, it develops further, it gets bigger, infests and infects further, and when they can no longer avoid seeking treatment they end up clogging the system with a more complex problem. At £10 a visit that would not be the case.