Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Get out and vote!

On the eve of the by-election in St Helier No. 2 I just wanted to put out a final message to all voters in the district to make sure you come and have your say tomorrow!

The polling station is at Springfield Stadium and is open from 8am to 8pm.

It literally only takes 60 seconds to mark your ballot paper with an X by your preferred candidates name (hopefully me!).

The feedback I have had on the doorstep has been incredible. I thought that the fact I am relatively young would be something that worked against me, but in conversation with people of all ages it has turned out to be my biggest virtue. People want someone a bit younger to bring some much needed energy and drive to the States and that is exactly what I plan to do if elected.

So long as those with a desire for change take the time to come out and vote, I stand every chance of winning. It's if those voters stay at home instead that my chances will be scuppered. So there is no time for complacency. Make sure you get out and VOTE!

As the former Deputy for St Helier No. 2 Norman Le Brocq said - "Don't sigh for a change - VOTE for a change!"

If you need any more convincing if I am the man for the job, please take the time to listen to the BBC podcast of the debate between myself and the other candidates from Sunday -


See you at the polling station tomorrow!


  1. Good luck Sam.
    I really hope you get elected. I'd vote for you but I live in the wrong district. I have just been reading Tony the Professor's latest blog and he recites many of your answers to Q's put to you over the last few weeks. You come across as eloquent, knowlegable and fair. I wish you (and Nick Le Cornu) all the best,
    A Generation X supporter.

  2. Congratulations and good luck.

  3. Right Wing Tory says:

    Sam, congratulations on you and Nick getting in. Your brand of social justice is desperately needed in Jersey. This comes from a Tory voter who previously proudly voted for Margaret Thatcher....Jersey's establishment are so far to the right of Genghis Khan that even people like me are glad to see you get in rather than another Jersey establishment ultra right wing button presser.

    (same message posted on Nick's blog)

    1. "Right Wing Tory" you stole my mantra!

      The liberal right congratulates Sam & Nick of the liberal left on their success.

      Thatcher was a patriot but hindsight enables us to view her as just another crazed narcissist
      She MUST have been briefed about Jimmy Savile and friends but still courted his celebrity and repaid him with further access and protection.
      Times do not change, only the names.

      The Jersey establishment has shot itself in the foot, doubling the Pitmans duo into four effective activists. The free blog readership sours as the JEP readership and credibility fails.

      Will the Jersey Reich re-brand itself effectively for the 2014 general election or will this be the year that the real battle begins?
      The real battle between the elected house and the unelected feudal crown officers where the real power actually lies.

      The feudal crown officers who are flushing millions of taxpayers money on threatening and silencing the blogs one by one......

      No! Enough is enough.


      My name links to a 2012 Daily Mail article on Savile and PIE, which makes a big thing of blaming the liberal left, but strangely does not mention the part of Thatcher or of the Police, who are probably not lefties.
      The JEP is the local equivalent of the Daily Mail. It leads the not too bright centre and right.
      The government you REALLY deserve.

  4. Firstly my congratulations Sam, just remember these two simple saying's 'Keep the B....d's honest and that there is no such thing as the free lunch', stick to your own principals and make it clear from the start that is where you stand. Good luck and stay strong.

  5. Thanks for the comment from RWT.

    Rest assured that I know all that is going on and Laura is indeed even more wonderful than you suggest (and definitely not a figment of my imagination!). Laura knows exactly what is what and is handling it perfectly.

    It's clear that someone is having a meltdown given recent events and the best thing is to just let her self-destruct.

    1. Cool, glad you are on it. BTW, enjoy your swearing in later today.

      And can't you get Laura over here, to stand in the October elections? She might be from London, but she's got the measure of Jersey politics in a heartbeat. A young, articulate, intelligent female, battling the right wing trolls of St Helier. What's not to like? Have a great day!


    2. Thanks RWT.

      She wouldn't be able to stand in October because you need 2 years residency before you can stand, so she'd have to wait until the 2018 election. I'm trying to convince her and have even offered to be her campaign manager, but unfortunately I think I'm fighting a losing battle :( Frankly she is far more intelligent and clued up about Jersey politics than a lot of people who have been elected in the past!


  6. Congratulations young man, my advice is to make as much noise in there as possible. Ask plenty of questions, make the slimy toads squirm, get yourself in the paper as much as possible to raise your profile and give yourself a good chance at the general election. Enjoy yourself!

  7. Congratulations and I look forward to voting for you in the general elections.Just make sure when you ask questions in the States you actually get an answer.Don't leave it go until you have had a definite answer,many states members are very good at not actually answering the question put to them.Don't get drawn into personal bickering and most important of all when something goes wrong make sure there is some accountability,not this constant 'lessons have been learnt' bullshit that we here all the time.If someone messes up with taxpayers money make them accountable.

  8. Sam.

    The first in-depth, and exclusive interview, with Reform Jersey Members and recently sworn in Deputies Sam Mezec and Nick Le Cornu will be published on VFC soon. In the meantime here is a short TRAILER

  9. Sam, a private note. I've also sent the same message to Nick.

    Congratulations on the win. However you'd be wise to consider it more like being granted an 8 month job interview.

    Work hard at the grass-roots level in the District because come October you'll need to be re-elected to gain the full term. After you get re-elected for that full term, you can sit comfortably with the liberty of being a safe position to attempt to make changes of a more far-reaching type.

    For the sake of the people of Jersey, you need to concentrate now on working in a manner which will see you re-elected. That means placing a heavy focus on working within your district, and being seen to do so.

    Also, I have a feeling the dinosaurs didn't take too kindly to having their cages rattled by yourself and Nick, so I can imagine they will be trying to pull out all the stops in October to ensure you're replaced by their own kind.

    If you over the next 8 months you have retained - and gained - the support of the people in your district they can never succeed.

    Congratulations again, and remember the next 8 months are really all about October.

  10. Sam.

    Reform Jersey's Deputies Le Cornu, and Mezec, EXCLUSIVE.