Friday, 4 July 2014

Crunch time for Equal Marriage - How can you help?

We now have a time and date for the Equal Marriage debate in the States of Jersey.

On Tuesday 8th July at 9.30am we will crack straight into the debate which could take several hours before it culminates in a vote.

Victory is by no means predetermined.

States Members have received all sorts of correspondence from all sides of the argument.

Needless to say, the opposition to it is noticeably the least articulate and logical, but we have had more against than for so far.

We have a perfect opportunity to take a huge step towards equality for a previously marginalised group. If this fails, it will be a sad day for Jersey.

So what can you do to help?

The simplest thing would be to contact States Members and lobby them to vote for "the P.102/2014 proposition on same-sex marriage". I've copied their email addresses at the bottom of this post. You can

They are YOUR States Members and you have every right to email them and ask them to vote in favour of this. Believe me, the people who are asking us to vote against it have not needed prompting on this point!

Write them an email asking them to vote for it. It can be as long or as short as you want. It will have an effect. States Members love to reject decent propositions with the nonsensical argument of "ah, well I've not had any Parishioners contact me asking me to support this!" so don't give them that amunition.

If you are free, you are also more than entitled to come and stand in the Royal Square as members are walking into the States building (from 8.30am - 9.30am) and try and stop them for a chat to lobby them. Obviously that sort of thing requires a bit of confidence, but some people have a real knack for that and can be very persuasive, so if that's your thing, give it a try.

Finally, States proceedings are open to the public. Most weeks the public gallery is completely empty, but sometimes a specific proposition can enthuse enough people to see it packed. The presence of the public in the room does have an effect. It means members are extra careful about what they say and know that they are dealing with an important subject matter.

The entrance to the public viewing gallery is at the end of Halkett Place, opposite the entrance to Morier House. You will be scanned with a metal detector as you go in and your bags will be checked (to make sure there's no hand grenades or anything in them...). If you have difficulties with getting up stairs, there is no lift through this entrance, so you would have to go in via the Royal Court entrance and they should show you where to go.

So if you aren't working, come down and watch it. It's sure to be an enlightening event!

You have until Tuesday morning, so get emailing!!





  1. Good luck with this one. 100% behind you.

  2. You need a lone guitarist outside the chamber signing 'The Times They Are a-Changin'.

    1. I was actually planning on quoting that song extensively in my proposition speech :)

    The Church of England and Same Sex Marriage – A Briefing Note
    The Quaker View on Marriage
    A history of marriage and how its definition has changed over the centuries

  4. Sam.

    A witch the public interest? PART THREE.

  5. Good luck tomorrow have just emailed by 2 representatives!

  6. Deputy Mezec, Just listening too the States. What year is this???? 1820?

    Well, with this sort of behaviour of your fellow States Members, I doubt much will change for a hundred years. With an opportunity to change like the one presented fails: Will Jersey ever change.

    I am moving to the UK anyway, not because of this, but at least the Conservatives there have a liberal approach to such social matters - much greater than so called liberals here.

    The Conservatives can keep Jersey as the religious backwater that it has always been and always clearly will be.

    1. Well good riddance to another leftie. Haven't heard the debate, but if it does get "postponed" with Senator Le Marquand's amendment, then hooray. I am glad sense has prevailed, and long live a decent, right, and Christian society which is what we live in. We don't have a Dean in our equivalent of parliament for nothing. Whether these leftie, tree-hugging, sandal wearing, long haired, Gollum-like wanna-be's such as our very own Sammy-boy might want to pretend otherwise: Jersey is a very Christian community, just look at our parish names, culture, importance we give to clergy....

      As such, as long as marriage remains between a man and woman, then we stay the course.

      Let's watch the legal challenges in those jurisdictions who allow it to cause problems, let's stay the course.

      The only argument these left-trolls have is to call people who don't agree with them homo-phobic. Really? It has nothing to do with homosexuality, this is about marriage, and religious belief about it being between a man and woman.


    2. Have published this comment just so readers will realise (if it wasn't already obvious) what sort of person "Truthseeker" is.

  7. Deputy - you are being very divisive and unhelpful by name-calling. Pathetic politics and a bit embarrassed by this, as I support the proposal. Calling people 'cowards' is VERY wrong. I appreciate some people have different beliefs from what I do - just because I think one thing different from another doesn't make my or their view wrong.

    1. It says a lot about you that you are more upset at me calling a spade a spade, yet don't offer a word of condemnation about a States Assembly that refused to back equal rights for a section of Jersey's community.

      How telling.

  8. "Reply to Alan Report Abuse
    Posted By: Mark on 08-Jul-2014
    Funny how every post "Alan" makes is about the Reform Party. Anyone might think he had an agenda! Btw, what's your real name Alan? Is it Jon? Maureen? James? Julie? Sue? Lawrence? Come on. Be honest. "

    You trolling the CTV website again? They know its you.