Wednesday, 10 August 2016

John McNichol - Proposing me for Senator

I'm here to nominate Sam Mézec of Reform Jersey for the candidacy of Senator.

Well here we are. A mid term by- election has been thrust upon us, and now gives us a golden opportunity to deliver a verdict on the government of our island.

And what a damning verdict we can now deliver.

Let's make no bones about it ladies and gentlemen. The public of this Island have been taken for a ride.

Ministers stood at the last election, in the full knowledge of the impending fiscal deficit that was looming over us, a deficit of their own making.

Did anyone of them have the honesty or integrity to stand up at the time and warn us?


Not one of them.

We were duped.

Duped into believing everything was fine, our finances were the envy of the world.

Turns out the truth is a whole other ball game.

We are now facing tax rises, health charges, swingeing cuts to our public services, vicious cuts in support for the sick and vulnerable, and wholesale job losses and privatisations.

The medium term financial plan is a veritable smorgasbord of pain for the average Islander, while the wealthy are once again given preferential dispensation and exemption.

Its time for a change.

A real transformative change.

And there is literally only one choice that can deliver that transformation.

Sam Mézec and Reform Jersey.

Anything else will send a clear message that its business as usual, and the last thing this Island needs now is business as usual.

Sam Mézec represents the future, his track record speaks for itself.

He has consistently opposed the regressive policies of this Council of Ministers, taking them on and calling them out at every opportunity.

His live debates with ministers have been brilliant examples of how to deconstruct official narratives and expose them for what they really are.

We need Sam Mézec and Reform more than ever.

We need somebody to win who is clearly standing on a platform of opposing the regressive policies of this Council of Ministers, who has a proven track record of standing up to them and who also has a proven ability to work with others to achieve positive changes.

Sam and his Reform colleagues have been tireless campaigners for the voiceless and the vulnerable.

They have brought proposition after proposition to the assembly to attempt to hold ministers in check.

For example:

  • Equal marriage
  • Nursery funding
  • Free bus passes for the disabled
  • Minimum housing standards
  • Stopping lower minimum wage for the under 25s
  • Online voting.

We need to send a clear, unequivocal message to the government - they must change direction.

Sam Mezec will deliver that message.

We reject the Medium Term Financial Plan

Reform will lodge amendments and a vote for Sam is a vote to endorse those amendments.

Sam Mézec will stand in the assembly and say the public have given him a mandate to reject their plan.

He will pledge to

  • Stop the stealth taxes
  • End the civil service gravy train and golf jollies
  • Protect vital front-line public services that so many rely on
  • Reconfigure our tax model into a more progressive one that actually delivers for all Islanders and not just those at the top.
  • And to deliver meaningful electoral reform that produces real democracy.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the most out of touch and unaccountable government Jersey has had in decades.

We need a government that works in the interests of our whole community, not just those at the top.

Electing Sam Mézec as a Senator would be just the political earthquake this Island needs and would force the States of Jersey to change the way they do politics.


  1. Excellent speech and well delivered. Your proposer did you proud. I will be voting Sam Mezec.

  2. I support a great deal of your proposals, but can't bring myself to vote for you (yet), because I believe if Reform Jersey were in power, you would introduce Company/Corporation Tax. Whilst I support Company Tax in most situations, I take a case by case approach, and since moving to Jersey can see what problems that will have to this economy and to employment in Jersey if it were introduced. I know of several companies which would shift jurisdictions in an instance.

    Jersey is low taxing because we dont' pay our politicians stupid money like in the UK, nor do we need to fund massive infrastructure (railways, motorways), nor do we need to fund defence force etc. Therefore lower taxes are necessary, but we are at the mercy of employment problems if companies were to leave. Companies don't base themselves here because of access to the local economy (unlike companies setting up in Australia/New Zealand/UK etc.

    That is my concern that whilst I appreciate your views about exploitation of our low taxing jurisdiction, as you are elected by the people of Jersey, what is your stance on this?

    1. Jersey already has Corporation Tax, so I assume you mean increasing the 0% rate?

      Our position is that the 0% rate must remain to ensure that various finance products remain viable.

      That being said, it is unfair that many companies trade in Jersey without paying tax. A way must be found to bring them into the 10% rate. Those companies won't leave because they aren't here for the 0% rate, they're here to make money on the shop floor which they'll continue to do.

    2. Hi Sam,

      A few questions for you. Semi-related to the above.

      1) What is your viewpoint on diversifying Jersey's economy?

      2) How would you augment Jersey's economic strength?

      3) Simultaneously, what would be your strategy towards the prominent finance industry? Would it revolve around maintenance? development? overhaul?

      I know all these questions are very much interwoven with each other, which is a bit awkward, but thought I'd spell each out just to open up the platform for you.

      Many thanks,


    3. Thanks re: Company Tax comments. So for companies which trade in Jersey and make profits here you believe should pay tax on those earnings, but you agree with keeping 0% company tax on companies resident here for the zero rate that say do not trade in Jersey? (I would be happy with that, but would like you to confirm).

      Finally, I believe (may be wrong), you would like to see progressive tax brackets for higher income earners. If this is the case, will you outline the detail as to where those brackets would be, how it will function, and suggested rates?


    4. Richard -

      1) Support it. I bet all candidates will say that though! A particular angle at developing emerging industries is good (always good to be ahead of the game rather than catching up with everyone else). With the digital industry, I feel we've paid a lot of lip service to it but haven't really been doing too much by way of improving our legislation and regulations to allow companies that specialise in that field to flourish.

      2) Whilst a lot of our economy is based on the services we provide to people around the world, I think we need to pay more attention to Jersey's high street and local services economy. Three things in particular to help local small businesses -

      i) Introduce progressive rates of Social Security Contributions for the self employed, so that they can take risks, innovate and employ people at an earlier stage in their business development without having that extra worry about losing their right to contributory benefits if it all goes wrong.
      ii) General modernisation and consolidation of the laws which government businesses and employment. In particular the way businesses interact with government could be streamlined the more we can start getting things online and government departments talking to each other better.
      iii) Improve the outreach service provided by JACS to give those businesses advice that they often can't afford to constantly be speaking to a lawyer about.

      3) My philosophy on finance is that complacency and an old fashioned attitude towards it is the biggest potential threat it faces. The international game and outlook towards offshore finance centres is an ever changing thing and we need to make sure we are always swimming with the tide, not against it.

      A couple of years ago one senior minister argued that Jersey should not implement Tax Information Exchange Agreements until other countries had done so too. Thankfully the majority of States Members (including myself) gave him a good telling off for that. When new expectations from the international community arise, we should spend less time complaining about how unfair it is and more time getting on with it and showing that we're the first jurisdiction to get our systems up to standards.

      Personally I think that when all of the main UK parties want to see Jersey introduce a public register of beneficial ownership of companies, we need to entertain the possibility that it may well have to happen, and not simply keep our fingers in our ears and wait for it to be thrust upon us on someone else's terms.

    5. John -

      The 0% rating is essential to maintain the viability of a significant enough part of our finance industry that it is worth keeping. We'd lose enough business by scrapping it altogether that it just isn't worth it.

      But that being said, the government hasn't done anywhere near enough to plug the black hole in our finances that was caused by introducing 0/10. They introduced GST thinking it would solve it all and it just hasn't.

      On progressive tax, there are three suggestions -

      1) If (and that is a huge if) the States insists on introducing the new Health Tax (which I oppose) then I would want to see the 1% rate applied across the board, not exempted from earnings above £164k.

      2) On Income Tax itself, I do not consider it too unreasonable to suggest a £25% rate on earnings above £100k a year. This would affect only 5% of Islanders, the majority of that 5% only paying a few hundred a year extra. Going by the figures from 2012 (the most up to date ones I've seen) that would raise around £25m a year. I also don't accept the doomsday predictions that all our high earners would be on the boat the next morning if that happened. Many of our high earners are here because of our corporation tax rates, not the income tax rate.

      3) Another option is to lift the Social Security Cap. The government is currently reviewing this, possibly because even some of our more right-wing States Members are starting to see how perverse it is that the highest earners pay the lowest effective rates of social. This would also raise potentially £25m.

      That being said, on all of these options if we can make the efficiency savings in the States to avoid it, then great. But I see the chances of that happening being very slim.

  3. Good luck Sam. If the JEP keep up their pro-establishment campaign which appears to include misrepresenting you I'm afraid you will need that luck. Not only do we know they are happily printed faked letters attacking you. They are also letting the briefly banned troll back on line to post lies and abuse as Digger Barnes. Stick to your guns and hopefully for once the Jersey public get it right. All the best. You have my vote.

    1. You have my vote too. The DiggerBarnes trolling on the JEP's on line version is disgusting.

      What is worse is that it is so transparent in attacking any and all candidates in this by-election who might be said to be progressive, and all in exactly the same language as used previously by Graham73, Ally King, TPs bounced cheque, the Bald bankrupt, Truth seeker and so many more. Pathetic.

      The paper should be ashamed of the underhand tactics being used in their paper to attack you in particular. I really hope you prove them wrong.

  4. BBC radio Jersey are up to their old tricks again Sam and you should put in a complaint along with all other candidates. Today they had Hugh Raymond on air live from the studio for about half an hour. Have any other candidates been offered this amount of air time to discuss one of their pet projects? In this case it was the topic of sport. Funny how the topic wasn't about the amount of pedophiles convicted while working in the Honorary police and they invited on Hugh Raymond isn't it? Steve Pallett is the Assistant Minister for sport, and there's a host of others who could have been invited on to discuss sport so why did the BBC decide to ask Hugh Raymond on who is a candidate in the election? I think we now know who (else) is the establishment candidate alongside Christian May.

  5. After having a scout around online (both social and mainstream media sites) I can see you are BY FAR the most talked about candidate Deputy Mezec. There is an awful lot of vitriol and name calling about you which has made up my mind who to vote for. I was considering either yourself or one other candidate but now I have seen how much you must be a threat to the establishment you will be getting my vote. You must be doing something right to be getting this much negative attention by known establishment supporters so keep doing it and the best of luck in the election.

  6. Afternoon Deputy.

    I hope you will be approaching the Jersey Evening Post to ask for the same free, additional promotion as they are giving Mary O'Keffe-Burgher for her allegedly being 'trolled' for her support for child labour in the island on the internet.

    Of the candidates in this by-election you are the biggest victim of vicious trolling of the sort the JEP has allowed to happen on their on line pages for years. Perhaps they could do a story on what you and other progressives before you have had to content with?

    Really had to have a chuckle too when the first comments the JEP ran on the story include one from Jon H DiggerBarnes. the biggest troll in Jersey's history!

    Good luck with the campaign Deputy and stay strong in the face of the abuse.

  7. Deputy Mezec, I fully agree with 17.01 above, you really have the PTB rattled,so without further ado you get my vote.

    Now down to the nitty gritty, this current CoM has quite simply refused to listen to the ground swell of opinion of the people of this Island who have made it abundantly clear that the 'open door' policy of allowing all and sundry to come here has to stop.

    The CoM reasoning is that Jersey NEEDS more people to pay for the pensions etc. NOT SO here is a thought which you may like to comment on.

    Most people when they reach 65 are quite happy to retire, but that is not always the case, it is the time of a persons life when they are at their most balanced and experienced and far from wanting to leave the workforce many would very much like to continue in employment.

    Allowing this to happen would achieve a number of important points:-

    a) The need to bring in qualified people would be reduced.

    b) The taxes payed would be maintained, however there is a proviso here, and it is that the 'tax threshold' for all those over 65 be raised to say £30,000 a year, in other words no income payable until this threshold is reached.

    c)This may sound a bit weird but if this were the case more money woudl be circulated back into the economy and let us face it the tax dept would still be getting more than it would if these folk were retired.

    Progressive taxation IS the key to this Islands problems of that I have no doubt, overseas (i.e UK, New Zealand, Australia) this is accepted practice, if the ordinary taxpayer here in Jersey could see what a wealthy resident ACTUALLY pays by way of income tax after employing a clever accountant they would be shocked. This is not my imagination because I have personal experience of seeing this done on a vast scale.

    I wish you all the luck in this election but be mindful of the back stabbers.

    1. It was another Progressive, former Deputy Trevor Pitman, who was the first and only (I believe) politician to force out the true figures of what the island's most wealthy immigrants pay in tax and I for one was completely gobsmacked at the time how little nearly all of them paid. There were High Net immigrants paying less than £5000 per year tax. Not only this but according to the figures Pitman put out something like 80% of these individuals paid less tax than the £100.000 minimum people like Senator Ozouf and Mr Powell were telling people happened. Progressive taxation is a must so I am with Reform all the way.

  8. Most of the Island is pro-establishment.
    10,000 + votes in the last elections secured a place in the Senators so why do you keep on trying to suggest all these voters who regularly favour right wing thinking politicians have it wrong? 'Care for the Needy not for the Greedy' is one of the most laughable slogans I've seen in decades of elections.

    1. Yes, I'm not surprised you find the idea of caring for the needy laughable. But that says much more about you than it does about me.

  9. News just in.

    "The CWU has sent an email to members today explaining that as time was short it wasn't possible to canvass opinion. They have said they will hold a meeting if enough people are unhappy with the executive decision to bankroll Reform Jersey and Sam Mezec".

    1. The CWU are providing no funding for my campaign.

      Virtually everything said on your Facebook page about this whole affair as been completely false.

  10. Deputy.

    I don't buy the Rag out of principle. But can you tell me if you have been given right of reply yet to the disgusting troll campaign of fake letters printed by the JEP. My work colleague showed me a couple of these and I thought they were disgusting.

    I only look at the on line pages as I say I refuse to buy the paper any more because of their collusion with this type of behaviour. If you have been given a response I will borrow one being on a week's holiday.

    I also do not use Facebook so do not know what is going on there but I can confirm what others have said about the JEP evidently encouraging clearly false troll comments attacking you on line. Nonsense like union members quitting over support for you. 99% of this trolling is by DiggerBarnes as others have mentioned and I know for a fact this is an alcoholic who is always in the bookies down town.

    Perhaps putting out a statement on the union 'bankrolling' claims would be a good thing to clarify the truth? I have no problem with any union supporting you as though I am not a union member now in my current job I used to be one, and history shows us that without unions working people would not even have the degree of protection and standards we have today.

    On a personal note I am more appalled to read that a Jersey lawyer, a profession undeniably the most overpaid in Jersey, is asking people to help pay for his campaign. Best wishes for the election and whether you come first, second or third I know you will be pushing hard for we ordinary people of Jersey. Respect to you for taking the abuse in the process.

    1. In fairness we were offered a right of reply by the JEP, but just as you won't buy it out of principle, I don't cooperate with it out of principle either. They deliberately give a platform to people with repugnant views in the hope that it provokes people to get involved in their letters section and helps them sell more papers. I don't want to contribute to any potential in rise in sales in an organisation which clearly has no principles.

      On union funding, it's as simple as this - a union has offered to pay for a postal drop of our leaflet for the election. They'll pay it directly and offer no other funding. Everything else will be paid for by myself and party donations. Note how when I get a contribution to my funding the JEP calls it an "investment" but for every other candidate it's a "donation". More overt bias.

      On Christian's funding, I think people should go a bit easier on him for doing a go fund me campaign. I'm actually good friends with Christian (we used to work at the same law firm) and whilst he is a qualified barrister, he doesn't practice as a lawyer in Jersey, so I don't think he is paid quite at the level people think he is. He's certainly not one of those charging £500 per hour for his services.

    2. Christian is a Tory though so that is the key reason not to vote for him. We hardly need another little tail-wager carrying the Gorst, Ozouf and Bailhache ministerial bags. We need candidates who will work for the interests of ordinary people.

  11. Well done. You performed well tonight in front of the rabble you brought with you who do not live in the Parish. Only a minority will ever follow your style of political thinking though.

    1. The above comment is obviously from Jersey troll Jon H. Busy on the JEP site writing the same stuff as DiggerBarnes. Funniest thing about this is that long time troll watchers know that Jon doesn't go out at night to political events because of fear of all the innocent people he has abused on line. But will you be doing a round up for those of us working evenings who could not attend for genuine reasons? What themes did the questions take? Who do you think performed well? Were you happy with your own answers? Good luck.

    2. Indeed, he's never at any political event but purports to know everything that went on at them.

      Last night's hustings went well and can be viewed here -

      Big topics were population control, Brexit and what our vision is for Jersey in 20/30 years.

      I'm struggling with fitting everything I want to say in such a short period of time. Hopefully I'll get used to it once we've done these a million times over the next month!

  12. Some people never attend any of these events because they are boring.

    1. Agreed. The format is totally dry and doesn't allow for proper political debate.

  13. Did anyone ask Mary O'Keefe-Burgher to explain her support of child labour and throwing many middle-aged workers on the scrapheap?

  14. Sam.

    The candidates opening (and in one case closing) speeches from last night's St Clement Hustings and new poll can be viewed, and votes cast HERE.

  15. Won't this only add to the Benefits bill?

  16. Jasen Cronin turning up the Hustings to show support then?
    They all know who he is and his association with Tadier.

    1. Fancy that. A St Lawrence parishioner coming to ask a question at the St Lawrence hustings.

      The nerve of some people!

    2. He was at the St Marys Hustings the night before.
      Cronin is well known for insulting other standees at these Hustings and everybody knew who he was and what he was all about from years back. You could do with getting some 'less well known' plants in future.

    3. Honestly Jon, do you think we're stupid? I can see you posting these exact comments using both your real and your fake Facebook account on your hate page.

    4. And poor old Jon H is still being DiggerBarnes on the JEP site writing the same old hate he has peddled for years. Boy does he need a life.

  17. Oh dear, on to threats now.

    Still, at least you're leaving my landlord out of it.

  18. Jon, the only thing more stupid than stalking your victims, is admitting to it.

    I'm sure the authorities will find that very interesting.

    Go outside and get some fresh air.

  19. You been leaking e-mails to the press about Mary and Guy then?
    All saying its you.

    1. Jon, it's not healthy to start rumours like this and then go round saying everyone is talking about it.

      As a matter of principle I do not give any news scoops or leaks to the JEP.

  20. Sam.

    Adrian Lynch. Questions to Superintendent Stewart Gull. PART ONE.

  21. What's the point of compiling reports if the Minister is too busy to deal with their findings?

  22. Why do you lie so much?
    Exaggerating achievements, claiming that other Ministers vote for things without thinking and making out that you as a single person with 2 others out of 49 can change things. If you were any good you would not need to go down to these low levels.

    1. Jon, if you want Christian to win I highly recommend you don't publicly endorse him.

      For all of our political disagreements I think Christian is a good man and he doesn't deserve to be associated with criminals like yourself.

  23. How do you think the campaign is going and how many hustings left, Sam? What is the feedback from the people you meet, especially in the country parishes?

  24. Dear Deputy Mézec,

    Why are you not talking about real everyday issues which the population of Jersey are having to face, such as forced removal of copper-line telephone services, and mandatory replacement by "more expensive" Fibre-Optic Technology.

    In other words, the population of the island of Jersey are being (ab)used to fund fibre-optic technology so that the finance industry can have this service at next to no cost to themselves.

    In an aggressive marketing campaign by Jersey Telecom islanders are being told that they must have their copper lines removed (which upon refusal are being threatened with disconnection), this of course is to provide a large customer base to financially support and subsidise a technology for the finance industry.

    Just another expensive burden forced upon the population of Jersey to yet again subsidise an industry which has captured its government and changed a democracy into a dictatorship.

    Perhaps you may look into this facet of Island life, it may be the straw which breaks the camels back...

  25. This is interesting:

    The slick terminology “Working really closely with the customers” does not reflect the aggressive marketing JT customers have received:

    This is also interesting:

    Although in truth, this is what it is really all about:

  26. You wanna to give a clear message to the Government whilst this by-election is currently being predicted to have the lowest turn out for any Senatorial by-election ever.
    If you wanna give clear messages then you need big numbers and that ain't gonna happen for any candidate.

    1. The election hasn't even happened yet and you're already coming up with excuses to downplay the result.

      I guess that should make me feel confident. Thanks.

  27. Come on Deputy Mézec, do you have any comments on how islander's are being used (as a large fee-paying customer base) to initiate and support a form of subsidised cheap fibre-optic technology for big business; a reader in "God's own Parish" would like to know what your going to do about this, or are you just another Ostrich politician with his head in the sand and arse in the air blowing out of his rear-end?

  28. A look at the States of Jersey commissioned publication, the "Jersey Innovation Review" (September 2015) may illuminate readers:

    However, the cost of off-island telecommunications connectivity was suggested as a barrier to innovation for firms requiring high-volume secure data connections. Given the likely sectors in which an island like Jersey could develop deeply competitive niche clusters – such as financial technology back office functions – ensuring low-cost connectivity is critical. This is something which was considered by the Jersey Competition and Regulatory Authority (JCRA) in their 2014 consultation on business connectivity. The report states:

    “the JCRA expressed concern over the pricing of off-island connectivity, particularly of the higher capacity leased lines, and noted that this issue has been raised repeatedly by businesses in Jersey in the context of the retail market.”

    However, the JCRA concluded that “no operator is dominant in the provision of wholesale off-island leased lines in Jersey” and there is no issue of capacity being constrained. If neither competition nor capacity is an issue, this suggests that the underlying structural position of the Island is inherently higher-cost and that the issue would need to be mitigated in other ways. In practice, this might require direct support to businesses dependent on high-volume connections in order to make their business model competitive on-island.

    Source: Page 41, Jersey Innovation Review, September 2015, by Terra Allas

  29. Deputy Mézec, You may wish to liaise with John Christensen at the Tax Justice Network ( regarding the Jersey fibre-optic scam.

  30. Sincere apology Deputy Mézec for the Ostrich politician analogy; harassing telephone marketing calls from JT threatening to "cut off" residents copper lines can really get ones sap up, aggressive fibre-optic technology marketing is the last straw which has broken the camels back!

  31. I see your cyber stalker Jon the Troll is being allowed by your faked letter friends at the JEP to post the same old abuse he did as AllyKing, Graham73, TPs bounced cheque and the bald bankrupt once again. At least he is leaving you alone for a day or two.

    Take a look at the story on Ben Shenton wanting to restrict elections to rich people. Same old obsession with Shona Pitman again. She isn't a member of your Reform party is she? All the best for Wednesday.

    1. I find it strange how you keep on stalking opinions online as the JEP gets mentioned frequently.
      You'll be moaning about their cartoons next.

    2. Or the phone calls he makes to our landlords...

    3. Ah Digger Jon H. First on every JEP on line story about politics to trot out the same old ant-Reform primary school insults. Thought the old shell suit wearer would be moving on now at his age. But finding the childish attack on the Pitmans referred to above obviously not. At this rate he should drop his fixation with you some time around 2037 Deputy. But what then? Back to stalking Syvret and ex girlfriends? Get a job Jon!

  32. Bad luck Sam. You would have done it but for the attitude of the apathetic St Helier public.

    If you don't vote don't moan I say.

    Turn out in your own district disgraceful but feel sorry for those who did turn out.

    Good incisive comment on the Voiceforchildren still sums this all up.

    You didn't win but a big step forward for the Left in that the Establishment candidates did not win and got thrashed by you.

    For 2018 you just have to beg, steal or borrow as many quality and if possible well known candidates as you can. You need big names who people know can hold their own.

  33. Great result. This establishes you for Senator at the next general election. Usual suspects will have go about the result, but this is a great confirmation of your support, and you will be a shoe in for Senator next time around.

  34. Don't let some people distract you. Being a Senator is not that important in the bigger picture. It is getting a tight group of credible, fellow travellers together. No chance of suddenly having 27 top notch candidates by 2018. Go for making visible progress. Aim for a group of 10 say who really do have a chance of winning seats and establishing a power base in the States. There are some credible and even very well know names out there if you can pull them together. We all know the sort of people we are talking about. Start making links now. As for Nasty Nick. ^9 votes in St Helier was embarrassing for him but very selfish because his 139 total could have been huge for you. He has finished himself off in my eyes. As for you, hold your head up. You did good.

  35. How about a post-election blog Sam?