Monday, 12 September 2016

My Election Reflection

Well, what an interesting month that was.

Firstly, let me thank the 3,518 people who came out to vote for me last Wednesday.

To have received such a huge amount of support from people of all walks of life across the whole Island and to have come so close to winning is a huge honour and I think is a demonstration of how badly the Council of Ministers has lost the public's support and how many people across the Island are now treating Reform Jersey as a legitimate player in Jersey politics who they trust more and more as time goes by.

I congratulate Sarah Ferguson on her victory and look forward to working with her on the policy areas which we share, including stopping the introduction of stealth taxes. Reform Jersey has propositions down to both stop the stealth taxes and, if those are unsuccessful, to ensure the rates are progressive and the burden is spread fairly to high earners, rather than purely squeezing Middle Jersey.

The bookies initially had me down to come 4th or 5th. They also had me down to lose in St Helier. I wish I'd stuck my life savings down on that bet...

We defied the odds in this election, have proven that Reform Jersey is here to stay and have laid excellent foundations down for the election in 2018.

Some important stats to note:

  • I almost doubled Reform Jersey's share of the vote since the last election (if we obtained the same share of the vote in a general election we would win 14 seats).
  • I increased our share of the vote in every Parish, up by 14% in St Helier, St Saviour, St Clement and St Peter.
  • I won a landslide in St Helier and also won St Saviour, the two biggest Parishes with a combined population of almost half of the Island.

But some anecdotal evidence is more important to bear in mind too.

From my experience, I spoke to hundreds of people who were voting for the first time ever because they were inspired by our campaign. This was not just young people, but many people who had lived here for decades and just never bothered before, despite being very aware of the big issues of the day and disliking how the government was handling things.

What caught them was that we made the effort to reach out to them, particularly on social media, and had a message that struck a chord. That message was simple - the States of Jersey doesn't work for you, but we think it should and we'll do our best to see that things get fairer.

People believe in that message. The old tricks that used to be thrown at us ("they're far-left, anti-finance, dangerous and evil" nonsense) don't wash any more because those hurling those stones thankfully live in glass houses.

Believing that the tax burden should be spread fairly, believing that government should get good value for money and believing in a population policy that works for people who are already in Jersey is not far-left, it's mainstream.

We also produced a leaflet in Portuguese which we went into their cafes, food festival and Church to hand out.

The reason that progressives have historically not done as well in elections as they should have done is because the people who would benefit most from their policies tend not to vote. But in this election we managed to get many of them out. That will be the key to our success in future is to keep these people inspired and mobilise them to become regular voters.

But the second part of that is to convert people who always vote, but would not usually vote for people like us.

In this election I had the opportunity to go round to the country Parishes and meet and speak to people who have only ever heard of us through unsympathetic forums like the JEP or word of mouth from Council of Ministers acolytes.

When they heard the word from the horses mouth instead, they realised that we are not the extremists some have tried to portray us as, and that we actually have a lot of positive things to contribute. The hustings were a useful platform to get this message across and I spoke to swathes of people who left impressed by our message. I came second in Grouville and St Ouen, two historically very conservative Parishes, which shocked many people.

Practical Recommendations for the Future

There are however some very important lessons to learn from this election based on some of the negative experiences.

The first and most pressing is how bloody awkward voting can be.

It is absolutely absurd in the 21st Century that you can't register to vote online. The amount of people I encountered who wanted to vote for us but couldn't because they weren't registered and had missed the deadline made this very frustrating.

Guernsey has online registration. It's not difficult. Just get on with it. Bureaucracy should not get in the way of people taking part in democracy.

There is also no reason why the current arrangement with polling stations continues to exist.

The technology exists and we have more than enough skilled computer software programmers resident in the Island who could write the software in a matter of weeks to create a system where electoral roll information is shared in real-time with all polling stations so that voters could vote at any station which is most convenient for them, without the capacity to then walk to another station and attempt to vote again. Again, just get on with it.

Also, many polling stations are not in convenient locations. Having one polling station per constituency in an arbitrary location is nonsensical.

Take St Clement as an example. Their polling station is at the Parish Hall which is at the wrong end of the Parish. Most people won't pass it on their way to and from work or dropping the kids off at school. If it were at Samarez School or the Good Companion's Club, you'd get hundreds more people there voting.

Another example, voters in Hue Court live closer to the Town Hall than almost everybody who lives in St Helier No. 1 district, yet they are technically in St Helier No. 2 district, so have to go to vote at Springfield Stadium instead.

I suggest we open more polling stations in more convenient locations where voters can vote, regardless of where they live.

Schools are perfect because many people are going to them anyway.

Finally, I fully support online voting being introduced. I am assured by those in the know that it is not as simple as the other recommendations I have made and will take more time to implement and (crucially) test so will not be implemented for the next election.

That is a shame, but I'll do what I can to keep up the pressure so it is in place as soon as possible.

Where now for Jersey democracy?

There has been much talk of the way that "no-hopers" detracted from the process and left the public unable to delve further into the politics of the candidates who actually stood a chance of winning.

I agree with this to some extent.

I stood in this election because I believed I stood a chance of winning. Some candidates stood despite knowing they stood no chance of winning at all, but they just like the sound of their own voices. One candidate even included the fact he was going to lose the election in his press release announcing he was standing as a candidate (I'm not making that up).

If you are standing for any reason other than to win and try to make Jersey a better place for it's people, then you're not standing for the right reasons and should not be there.

Some have proposed election deposits as a way of fixing this.

It may well help for some elections, but for others it will make things much worse.

We have Senatorial elections which are over-contested and Constables and sometimes Deputies elections which are often uncontested or at least under-contested.

As it stands, election deposits would simply discourage poorer, but just as credible, candidates from standing and potentially increase our already unacceptable levels of uncontested elections.

There are two better ways to resolve this -

  1. Party politics.

Party candidates make the best candidates.

It is no coincidence that the three candidates who did best in this election were the ones who had the best organised teams behind them. Those who did the worst were the ones who tried to do it all themselves with little funding and barely any volunteers.

We already have covert party politics. Once it is officially out in the open it will be clear what candidates stand for, whose club they are in and where they'll sit on the big issues if elected.

This will naturally put off no-hopers, or they'll instead join parties which will give them training and experience which will one day help make them a credible candidate.

     2. A fair electoral system.

Our electoral system is too complicated and it puts people off voting. But it also forces candidates to think more about where they stand and stops them challenging what they perceive as "safe seats" and instead go for other seats which end up over-contested.

Guernsey has one type of elected member in equal sized multi-member constituencies. They had no uncontested elections last time and all voters had a healthy, yet not overbearing, choice of candidates.

But unlike Guernsey, the reform of our electoral system should include moving to the Alternative Vote and Single Transferable Vote systems, where voters rank their candidates in order of preference to ensure that the most popular candidate gets elected.

It is wrong that Sarah Ferguson could get elected with 70% of voters having chosen someone else (and I'd still say that if it was me who had won).

We need to professionalise our democratic system if we want to see higher standards in it.

All other suggestions either hark back to some nostalgic past which never really existed, or seek to push a square peg through a round hole. It's not rocket science. A fair electoral system and party politics will improve our elections.

A call to all progressives

If there is one thing that comes out of this election, I hope it is a recognition that Reform Jersey is the best vehicle by which progressives can play a positive role in Jersey politics.

Others who stood on an independent progressive platform did appallingly and only helped to contribute to somebody who holds some very regressive views being elected.

In future they are far better off working with Reform Jersey rather than attempting to be a lone voice. The people of Jersey do not benefit from politics being led by egos. Teamwork is the only thing which will see the changes made to improve their lives. Those on the progressive wing of the political spectrum should recognise this and come on-board with us so that we can work together to deliver this change.

Since the by-election our membership has shot up. We will have candidates in more constituencies next time round and will certainly make gains. We are an open club and people are allowed to join it if they share our values. We aren't a sect and we certainly aren't tribal.

The public don't need here-today gone-tomorrow politicians. They need a movement with the strength to persevere for years to make their lives better. If you claim to be a progressive but won't work with that movement, then you're part of the problem.

For me, of course I will be a candidate in the next election. For what office is now up for discussion. I'd appreciate any comments my supporters may have on that question!

Thank you to:

- My dad for all the hard work he put in with posters, leafleting and chauffeuring.
- My mum, sisters, grandad, and all other relatives for all their support.
- Deputies Montfort Tadier and Geoff Southern for working their backsides off to help run my campaign and giving up a huge amount of their time.
- All of my volunteers, friends and supporters who helped prepare and put up posters, leafleted, canvassed on the doorstep etc.
- My designer for producing my posters and leaflets (I've always thought he does a smashing job).
- Unite the Union and the Communication Workers Union for their endorsements and support.
- Kit Ashton for his fantastic election videos he produced. Mèrcie bein des fais!
- All of those who volunteered on election day to make the process run smoothly.
- The staff at the States Greffe who did a brilliant job with
- The other candidates for what was generally a very clean campaign.
- Everyone who voted for me!


  1. A well deserved congratulations Sam and I think it matters not what office you stand for in the next election. Getting elected is the most important thing. Reform Jersey has shown itself to be a modern thinking party who the public are starting to realise are not the devil incarnate as the JEP (or at least one of its columnists) would have them believe. One last thing.............Can you tell me how I can join Reform Jersey?

  2. At least you have the unions backing you...... well that is until their members find out.

    1. Isn't it funny how those who would never even consider joining a union speak like they know everything about them? Quite funny really.

  3. Got my vote!

  4. Sam, very well done for last week. I'm confident that 2018 will be your year.

    Off topic, but may I use your comment feature to point out that Ian Gorst and Andrew Green have not yet, as promised in the States on 12th July 2016, published the report by the former Solicitor General into the Alwitry affair. Read these exchanges here:

    "As was stated in the press release of last week, the States Employment Board will be responding in detail to the recommendations made by the Complaints Board in due course."

    "We will publish the former Solicitor General’s report with that detailed response"

    "but ultimately the correct decision, when one looks at the former Solicitor General’s report, that report says that the correct decision was made"

    "that is why I believe that the correct course of action now is to do a detailed response to the Complaints Board finding and to publish the former Solicitor General’s review. Then Members will have both sides of the story and they will then be able to make their own minds up about what has been a difficult and complex issue."

    "I can assume that the Connétable has not had sight of the former Solicitor General’s report. He obviously has not had sight of the detailed response that the States Employment Board, together with Health and Social Services, are providing. So I ask him to wait to ask that question until he has had sight of both of those."

    "the Member will see that when the States Employment Board give their detailed response and when he has the benefit of seeing the former Solicitor General’s review patient safety is extremely important at the hospital"

    "When Members have the full details of those reports and of the detailed response they will be able to see that."

    "I urge Members to read the report of the Solicitor General which clearly lays out the investigation that he carried out, totally independent, the only investigation in this that interviewed all the parties concerned. The Complaints Board did not interview all the parties concerned but the Solicitor General did. I urge Members to read that and then see if they come to the same conclusions."

    "The Solicitor General’s report proves most of those assumptions to the contrary but was not accepted as part of the review. It is for that reason that I want to make a detailed response."

    Sam, we are two months down the line and they still haven't published the revered Solicitor General's report or the SEB's detailed response. Why not? It stinks. Please could you follow up? Otherwise, these people are just openly lying to you. And to us, their constituents.

    1. Thanks for this. Sorry for the late response. I'll try and get a question in on this.

    2. Much appreciated Sam, no need to apologise.

      I get very cross whenever the CoM promise to put some information or document into the public domain (usually to avoid tough questions) then fail to deliver on that promise. We must remain constantly vigilant with these people.

    3. I was just about to submit a written question based on what you have said above, but checked the website first to see if I could find it and it appears it has been published.'s%20report%2020160707%20AT.pdf

  5. Firstly Sam, well done, you had my vote and will again in 2018, why? simply because you care. Of all the speakers in this last election you were clear and more to the point concise,I was really impressed with the total lack of 'umms' and 'ahhs' in your delivery, this shows a very clear train of thought, if anyone doubts this take a look at all the others!! I personally have spoken to some large gatherings and know just how important it is to be ahead (in your mind) just what it is your about to say. Those who dither are the ones who really have not a clue what they are talking about or more importantly know just where they are going. Make no mistake 800 years of feudalism will not go down without a fight but there IS a train coming down the track and it's name is DEMOCRACY.

  6. How many candidates do you realistically think Reform can have stand next time? This isn't a trick question I just think it essential that if you have 10 (I obviously have no idea) potentially good candidates you run with those 10. No point adding 6 more just to impress people if they are not good enough. It will actually undermine your efforts. if you can also try and get some well known people on board. Everyone knows getting elected Jersey style has a great deal to do with high profile. shouldn't be that way but it is. Last but not least well done on your performance. You did really well,

    1. Good question.

      I think following this by-election we have a good base to work on, a lot of experience and stats to go by to help us plan for next time.

      I think we should have more than one Senatorial candidate next time round. Whether one of those is me or not will await to be seen. I won't make my mind up until a few months before the election. It's important that Islanders have the choice to vote for us, no matter which Parish they live in, but we need to make sure that those people are candidates worth voting for and stand a chance of winning.

      Other than that we need to focus on the constituencies where we can win, with the best candidates for the job. We need to improve our numbers in the States next time and the Deputies districts is where to do it. The breakdown by Parish results is useful for us to plan from. We have stated for a long time that St Clement is a target area next election. We have a number of people who would make good candidates there.

      In terms of numbers, I think we will be looking at as many as 12.

      I'm hoping to secure some support from sitting States Members too, either overtly or in some other way. I doubt any will join us because the States Members redundancy package isn't generous for some members to take risks in electoral tactics.

    2. Forgot to add, I'd also like to convince people to stand as Constables, regardless or not whether they are an RJ candidate, just to force an election and pledge to hold more Parish Assemblies on States business.

  7. We will never see a left wing Government in Jersey.
    Closest in recent times was under Ted Vibert and the JDA and that never lasted long.

    1. We will have one within 15 years.

      One of our first moves in government will be to ensure we have proper child protection practices in place.

      Obviously that will upset you Jon, but sadly you'll just have to put up with it.

    2. You're such an asshole its a waste of time talking to you about anything.

    3. Then don't. Do us all a favour Jon.

    4. I hear that the JDA may yet return. Maybe they will ask you to join, Jon?

    5. Have to be re-named. The Johnny Digger Association perhaps?

  8. The JDA was great. Jersey would probably be in so much better a position if Senator Ted Vibert had not been taken ill in 2005

    1. I wish I'd been a bit older back then so I could have been involved!

  9. 2 cans short of a 6 pack20 September 2016 at 19:48

    Jon is a busy boy today on the Jersey Faked Letters Post. Not only ranting about you and Reform on a Freedom of Speech story. But back to TPs Bounced Cheque obsession too and even attacking Syvret. Talk about scratched record. No wonder he can't get poor Digger Barnes can't get a job. Obviously Reform have the little chap worried. But pretty rich that the Faked Letters Post is allowing the troll to post all of this abuse in the same breath they brag about running a Freedom of Speech debate at the Opera House?

    1. You talk about nothing else on here.
      How can 1 individual never in the Public eye and who isn't politically connected cause so many problems for you?

    2. Because I'm worried you might get my landlord's phone number.

    3. What really says it all about Digger Jon is that he suddenly goes very anti Freedom of Speech if anyone brings up his conviction in March 2011 for threatening Stuart Syvret's landlord, his wife and family would be murdered just for having the politician as a tenant. There is still a great recording of Digger's murder threats available on the Jersey Evening Propaganda blog should anyone doubt why Deputy Mezec should be concerned about Digger getting his landlord's phone number. I also find it very strange why Digger Jon should be so anti-Reform Jersey anyway? You are the party who fighting hard to help the unemployed and unemployable.

    4. He hates us because we support improvements to child protection in Jersey. For some reason that makes him nervous.

      He's sending me loads of comments now as if we don't realise it's him.

      Thank god my landlord is ex-directory.

    5. The troll will probably be sending out offensive anonymous posters about you at the next election. He did this to Rico Sorda claiming he was a threat to women and the Pitmans as well. Once Reform Jersey are in power I hope you will increase the budget for mental health. Such people need help.

  10. is it really true that a certain troll attempted to use freedom of information to get your emails? Read this on the net and was shocked.

    1. To be honest I don't think that was Jon. It was too sophisticated to be him.

      I suspect it was a journalist trying to cause trouble.

      Anyway, they wouldn't have found anything interesting. The majority of emails between us are just co-ordinating our questions in the States or asking "are we still meeting this afternoon?"

    2. 'Sophisticated' and Jersey 'Journalist'? Not really two concepts that go together.

      But if the request was scratched on a clay tablet probably the JEP.

      If scratched in excrement probably the troll?

      Were you officially notified by the authorities that such a request had been made or did you find out by other means?

    3. I found out when the FoI office published their response and somebody saw it and emailed it to me.

      My emails are safe and sound from anybodies prying eyes, and so they should be as I continue to represent constituents who have very private and sometimes distressing issues they need resolved.

  11. As you did so well in St Peter in the by-election will you be putting up a candidate there again? I am sure she would do better this time.

    1. I was happy with how we did in St Peter. It's an area with a large urban population which is sadly dominated by representatives who ignore their needs and focus purely on some of the wealthier residents.

      I would like to see a Reform Jersey candidate there next time. I'm hoping we may convince someone (possibly under our banner, possibly not) to stand as Constable.

  12. Hello Deputy Mezec

    I am sure you know that the States Assembly website is rubbish. I would like to know when the next General Election in the Island is but I can't find any information about this anywhere.

    Is there a date set for this yet? if there is when will the current States (surely the worst in history - a few of you excluded) end? Lastly, if a date for the next election has been set when will the nominations be and how long will the campaign last?

    Sorry to bother you with this. But as I say the States website is a nightmare.

    1. All good questions and ones I have no answer to!

      I have previously asked when the 2018 election will be and was given an answer but I can't find that reference now.

      If the last election is worth going by, the last States sitting will be during the week of nominations (which is wrong in my opinion, but there we go), about 3 and a half weeks before the election.

    2. Thank you for that Deputy. Maybe a question, preferably written so the answer can't be denied or twisted later, would be in order?

      After Reform's very good showing this month in the by-election and the dire state of the island today with working people, the old and infirm, and public sector workers in particular being targeted by the wealthy numpties given positions of power the sooner those who have had enough know the better.

    3. I believe that the election is meant to be in May 2018 sometime? But what price King Bailhache the First having it put on ice indefinitely due to a national emergency? Or at least until the new financial district has been built and 10% of it let out?

  13. Would you support the formation and launch of an official conservative Party in Jersey for some balance?

    1. It would be great if the Council of Ministers would stop pretending not to be a party and actually be honest. They are the Conservative party - albeit one that has never moved on from the greed and excesses of the Thatcher regime. But do this they won't because it would expose them to being thrown out en mass for their years of failure and putting the rich first.

    2. I believe that the establishment of a proper Jersey Conservative Party would be a huge step forward for Jersey democracy and I hope it happens sooner rather than later.

      I predict that there will be a modest form of electoral reform in time for the next election, Reform Jersey will make gains at the election in both St Helier and other Parishes we've never stood in and a few Ian Gorst loyalists will lose their seats.

      If those gains are significant enough, a form of Jersey Conservative Party will be created, either a full party or at least a looser (but public) association.

      It won't call itself the Jersey Conservative Party, for the same reasons Reform Jersey does not call itself the Jersey Labour Party (i.e. we share philosophies with those parties but are not affiliated or connected in any way to their policies or strifes). It will probably go for something totally ambiguous, but could revive the Jersey Rose Party from the 1800s or the Jersey Progressive Party from the 1940s.

      What we don't need is the creation of another anti-Ian Gorst party. Splitting the opposition to them is brainless and would do nothing but strengthen their electoral successes. Some are talking about forming a Jersey Green Party. A dumb idea which will just help Gorst and his candidates.

      The next party to be formed must not be one which shares anything in common with Reform Jersey.

    3. If a proper right wing party was formed which is being looked at then Reform Jersey would be history.

    4. Oh Jon. You haven't got a clue what is being looked at. You barely go out other than to the bookies in your shell suit, headphones and shades. A firming up in to an overt party by the right would gain them no new votes at all. But it would show a little bit of honesty emerging after all of these decades.

  14. There is a proper right wing party formed. It's called the Gorst gang featuring the Constables.

  15. I hope you get some credible candidates together for the next election and build on the success you had in the by election. I will be voting for you if you stand for Senator and will tell my friends to vote for you who live in your district if you stand as Deputy.

    1. I agree with Mr Haworth - you should build on the great success you had in the by election - field more credible candidates in the general election - and turn this current government on its head.

      I'll be voting for you Sam and any other RJ candidates I can in the next general election.

    2. Hilary Haworth-Barnes27 September 2016 at 12:55

      I agree with Digger Haworth and Sharrock Holmes. Coming second was a great step forward in the by-election. I will tell all of my friends to vote for you and any REform candidates you put forward in 2018. You are a wonderful, polite and well spoken young man who is a credit to Jersey.

    3. Sniggering at Diggering27 September 2016 at 13:10

      Dear Deputy Mezec.

      I was disgusted to see Senator Lyndim Farnham being so rude and petty to you yesterday for rightly highlighting his support for more pay for incompetent ministers while our frontline services are undermined and faced with ever-diminishing pay packets. On the plus side I was pleased to see Lyndim there. Did you know that in his last term of office as a Deputy before returning to politics in 2011 he missed around 300 votes? Hardly value for money I am sure you would agree. PS Did that man sitting next to you yesterday sell you any Delmonte oranges?

  16. I know Reform Jersey agree with replacing 0/10 taxation. I find it a little bit confusing being quite new to politics. Can you explain to me why it was ever seen as okay, I think I am right on this, that non Jersey registered companies would pay no tax but local companies would? And why did Jersey ever buy into this nonsensical race to the bottom anyway with banks paying only 10%?

  17. Dear Deputy Mézec,

    May one know your stance on the subject of "non departmental government bodies", which are often referred to as "quango's"?

    The reason for asking this question, is in regard to the U.K. government which is actively reducing the number of quango's in order to reduce fiscal deficit and increase the accountability of government.

    States member's tend not speak about the unaccountable quangos which operate beneath the radar of the public's perception of that which we call government...

    How many unaccountable quango's exist as non departmental government bodies?

    If you cannot answer this question, would you be willing to research the true number of quangos which operate outside the political sphere of accountability?

  18. Well done to you and RJ for being the few people who voted in favour of SF's amendment this morning but the useless morons we've got in the states are brainwashed by the Gorst gang of Ministers. Keep up the good work Sam.

    As an aside you wouldn't happen to know your landlord's phone number would you?

  19. Well done to RJ's Montfort Tadier for getting the entire assembly to agree with him on his proposition. Reform Jersey is starting to get the respect it deserves from states members.

    As an aside you wouldn't happen to know your landlord's phone number would you?

  20. Yes a very big well done to Montfort Tadier for winning his amendment. Reform Jersey are certainly showing the other States Members how to constructively oppose this incompetent Council of Ministers. I would also like to say that I think you will top the Senatorials next time around and Reform Jersey will get at least 12 seats. You're doing a grand job and now that we have live streaming of debates I finally have a reason to get up before 4pm for my first lager sandwich. Thank you very much for giving my empty life meaning.

    As an aside you wouldn't be willing to give me your landlord's address would you? Or failing that the address of wherever your girlfriend works?

  21. J S De Bumblebee-Cummins27 September 2016 at 18:05

    I could not help but notice that when Senator Farnham was insulting you the other Senators' seats were almost empty. Philip Bailhache is hardly ever there and he should be fined. Good to see Philip Ozouf there for once though. Was there fog at all of London's airports?

    A an aside you wouldn't have the address for the office where Rico's wife works would you?

  22. I sat through the live streaming today and after the riveting highlights of the excellent Reform Jersey speeches and the sharp questioning yesterday listening to ESC Minister Deputy Rod Bryans really had me wishing for the next election. This man is as clueless as SS Minister Susie Pinel. How do these people get elected? In Bryans' case he is an education minister who seems to struggle with the English language. To think I helped do leaflets for this Rodney! I should have stayed in the pub.

    As an aside did I mention that I was wondering if you would be willing to give me your landlord's email address would you?

  23. Digger Jon Digging You28 September 2016 at 10:08

    I am really enjoying watching you on the new Live TV filming of the States Deputy. I must admit I find it all very exciting and when the Bailiff announces your name and the camera zooms in on you ------------- Ooooooooooooooh I go all funny inside! But do you think that you could give a little wink for the camera when its your turn? Better still a little pucker of the lips before you speak? This would really make my day! Everyone on the JEP website has sussed who I am now but I just don't care. You are my hero and Reform Jersey is the best thing to happen to Jersey in years.

    As an aside could you send me a signed photo and the address and phone number of your landlord?

  24. Dear Deputy Mezec I almost don't know where to start!

    First of all are you as angry as I am that thanks to this useless Council of Minister and the other two motley bands of neo-liberal dimwits who proceeded them our living standards have effectively worsened by some 18% since 2007? Not that the JEP tell anyone of course!

    I tell you, I am so furious at this display of incompetence and the betrayal of we Jersey folk that I actually crushed my packet of cheese and onion crisps in the pub down the Bridge today! I nearly tore up my betting slip too. I have just bet £100 that I borrowed that Jeremy Corbyn will win the next election for Labour by a landslide.

    When oh when will we see some good Socialist commonsense and properly thought out economics in a Council of Ministers? Philip Ozouf should be told his next taxpayer-funded ticket to London is one way only. I can't wait for the next election to vote these useless neo-liberals out before they give all of our money to the rich.

    To make matters even worse my fave pub down the good old Bridge won't show you and your wonderful Reform colleagues live in the pub so I can't sit there all day getting Brahms and Lizt with my giro money. 'Outrageous' I screamed and flounced out. 'Don't you realise you can see Deputy Sam Mezec - the cutest politician in Jersey - on TV?' I wailed then quickly burst into tears. I had squashed my Curlywurly and couldn't afford an other one.

    Deputy, you and your fine Reform Jersey boys are the only thing giving me hope. Please know that I will be there watching you through the TV shop window tomorrow and always.




    As an aside could you send me your landlord's phone number sometime?

  25. Can we have a new post on the MTFP?

  26. Just a tip off. Your good friend Digger Jon Sharrock H Barnes is now back on the JEP hate fest on line calling himself Shoot to thrill. same old obsessions though.

    Will you be doing a post about your Reform colleague's proposition on transferable voting? I would like someone to explain how it will all work.

    1. Free speech so get used to it asshole.

    2. You of all people know full well that freedom of speech has its limits. Limits like, for example, phoning people up and threatening that their family will be killed.

      I know you're having another one of your pathetic tantrums right now, having been put back in your place once again, but for goodness sake leave the innocent out of it this time. Your pathetic fake Facebook profile which has gone from slagging off victims of child abuse to slagging off Muslims now is not the behaviour of a normal person.

    3. Jon, have a think about how stupid you look when you accuse others of being obsessed with people online.

      You're posting comments on the JEP website about a politician you've been obsessed with for years (because of his support for justice for victims of child abuse, which really upsets you for some no doubt perverted reason), you're then instantly screenshotting them and posting them on a Facebook group you created to provide a platform for yourself and others to poke fun at victims of child abuse.

      Seriously Jon, you're a state. Sort it out.

    4. Jon, you're just proving my point by slagging him off for having the temerity to argue for an inquiry in the first place.

      Why are you so against child abuse being investigated? What are you so scared that they'll find?

  27. "Jon" is mentioned 15 times on this page.
    It must have some meaning.

    1. I think you are right. This Jon really needs to stop childishly abusing people on line with his multitude of fake accounts and seek help. If he does perhaps he can eventually turn his life around to doing something positive with it. Jealousy of those who have worked hard for the less well off is hardly a positive or constructive thing.

  28. Jon, get off my blog. Preferably just get off your computer entirely.

    1. Jon, it's only Monday morning and you're already sending me your Stella fueled nonsense. Have a think about what that says about you.

    2. I doubt Jon or anybody else cares Sam Mezec.
      You are a sitting puppet to be shot at and you will have to get used to it, because for you its going to continue and the JEP letters were just a taste of much worse to come. Enjoy your stella.

    3. Ah now you're back to threatening people. Still, at least it's only to me and not my landlord.

    4. Poor old Jonny H.. Now calling himself Shoot to Thrill on the JEP and everyone, but everyone, sussing who he is with his obsessional anti-progressive rants and taking the pee out of him. Boy does this middle-aged man need a job.