Saturday, 14 April 2012

A Pint and Politics - A Review

Firstly, can I say thank you to everyone that came to the meeting on Thursday. There was a great turnout and we had some great discussions. It was particularly nice to see some former politicians and former candidates come along to take part too.

A special thanks has to go out to Deputy Tadier, Deputy Macon and Rico Sorda for their input and making some great points.

It was clear from the views we heard from the young people that there is dissatisfaction with the islands government among all age groups and that same criticisms of the media are not only recognised by the older generations.

One of the attendees has been inspired by the meeting to write his first letter to the JEP on the subject of Senator Bailhache's calls for independence. Well worth keeping an eye out for that (if the JEP print it, that is...)

It's not important to consider where to go with this and not to lose any momentum. So expect more word as things are organised!

Several things were mentioned in the meeting that would make for good reading/ watching, so I've attempted to compile a list of them all here -

Interview with former Deputy Wimberly on the Electoral Commission and Senator Bailhache usurping it -

This blog post by Team Voice also includes a link to the original proposition by Deputy Wimberly on the Electoral Commission -

Deputy Macon mentioned this survey on tasers for the police in Jersey -

I mentioned this documentary on democracy by Tony Benn -

And for those that didn't get the hand out, here is a list of local blogs that are well worth paying attention to -

Team Voice -

Rico Sorda -

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  1. crowcroft - the man who is no longer interested in the child abuse issue

    are you mad

    1. I never said the list was exclusively progressive blogs or ones I whole heartedly agree with. It's just a list of various blogs that might be interesting.