Saturday, 14 April 2012

The youth are getting involved!

I mentioned in my last post how a friend was inspired to write to the JEP after our meeting and after reading the front page of the JEP that day on Senator Bailhaches assertion that we must "stand up for ourselves".

He has asked me to reproduce the letter here in case it isn't printed. I hope most of my readers will agree with me that it is a really impressive letter that should give us hope in the youth of today for being so switched on to the facts and not blinded by the propaganda they see in the paper.

He has also started a blog site which I'm sure is something worth paying attention to! -


My name is Liam Renouf and I am a 16 year old student studying the International Baccalaureate at Hautlieu School. On Thursday the 12th of April I read the article in the JEP titled ‘Let’s stand up for ourselves!’ In this article it stated Senator Bailhache’s idea that ‘Jersey needs either to develop a stronger more independent personality or face up to the idea of being a ‘satellite’ of the UK unable to challenge assaults on our own industries and our abilities to make our own decisions.’

As a young person and a student in particular, I feel to weaken an already tense relationship between the United Kingdom and Jersey would be detrimental to Jersey’s well being as a crown dependency. Jersey has always to me had this aura of being a very traditional and conservative island with the famous saying ‘there’s a boat in the morning.’ It really is time for change in Jersey and for us to stop getting on our high horse about being from Jersey for the sake of being from Jersey and to really scrutinise the decisions made here by our states’ members.

As a Renouf I am from strong Jersey decent. I studied Jerriais for a number of years and take an interest in Jersey’s history. However the idea of supporting every single decision Jersey makes because you come from Jersey has to stop.

We cannot isolate ourselves any further from the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe then we already are. In my passport it states that ‘The holder is not entitled to benefit from EU provisions relating to employment or establishment.’ Jersey is already isolated enough, we need to look at how we can strengthen our relationship with the UK. Senator Bailhache needs to address the weaknesses in the relationship rather than finding excuses to cover up the island’s patriotism. This is not an attack on Senator Bailhache himself I just believe that Jersey needs to shake off old views and start living in a progressive 2012!


  1. That is a brilliant letter. I will link the Blog site on my listings. Well done Mr Renouf.

    Another letter from David Warcup and even more corrupt actions


  2. I agree with Rico. A very good letter written by a wise young author.
    I've always suspected the calls for going independent also contain other unspoken incentives. Take a top down enquiry on child abuse for example.

    Sam, I'm sorry I was unable to attend your politics and a pint. I do hope you will hold another one soon.

  3. I was about to write a response but in reality it's such a naive letter with little undertanding of the bigger picture, I can't be bothered.

    1. "I can't be bothered", the height of sophisticated argument!

    2. "I was about to write a response but in reality it's such a naive letter with little undertanding of the bigger picture, I can't be bothered."

      It seems to me that he understands full well the need for Jersey to move into the world of modern democracy and away from isolationist feudalism.

      Which part of the bigger picture were you speaking of.....if you can be bothered to reply?

    3. If I am naive, I would like to learn from that so please can you explain 'the bigger picture' that I have no unerstanding of?

  4. It's a good missive alright...salient and to the point.however polite suggestions/requests to the likes of Baillache are unlikely to move him...his previous entrenched stances on things indicate his ivory tower attitude....there is a blatant arrogant conviction that the 'peasants' do not know what's best for them,so need to be 'decided' for...Nanny knows best or Philly in this case...and do not forget his brother ..or his influence...which is why Jersey needs "Real " reform not this facsimile that is being cobbled together, by Juliet Gallichan and the tea and stickies set.

  5. Liam you might get more comments on your own blog page if you allow Anon comments!


  7. Sam.

    Rico will be available for a live chat this coming Sunday at 6pm at the same place HERE

    You are able to interact live so any questions people might have, please come and ask them.

  8. It is so good to see you young guys and girls getting involved in how life plays out here....The Oligarch's have Lorded it over the people here for the longest time the separation of powers issue is one of global be Feudal in this day and age is awful,I hope your action brings their time to an end,I'm old enough to remember listening to Bob Dylan's "The Times they are a changin'" as a youngster..a great Poet and he was right..."FAIRNESS" I mean how hard can it be.....but the very rich and the crooked..supported by an obscenely bloated and overstaffed overpaid civil service has kept this civil pornography going ..the golden handshake brigade...all paid for by ordinary working folks paying excessive Tax.folks who moan and grumble often have had the fight worn out of them,and say things like 'Ah well nothing changes' ..or worse "It'll never change" Well It CAN and MUST change and it's very much easier than people think,we actually have the POWER needed,we must phone,knock on the doors and speak to the politicians...their names and numbers are in the front of the phone book,,,so they are vulnerable to social approach unlike other places...we KNOW where they them ,get your fiends and mates and Parents to speak to them and put your side of things tell them you want to be REPRESENTED properly and that they will not be voted for again if they do not listen to the electorate, we the people are wanting and deserving of actual |democracy..we are not a problem to be managed by spivs,politicians,Bankers and opportunists we deserve a place to live that is FAIR...we are the people....POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

  9. Sam, please can you ask James Rondel to change his blog to allow anonymous comments, thanks.
    My comment would have been this........

    when I was last in the public gallery of the States, I thought I was watching an episode of the muppets.