Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Pint and Politics

Evening everyone,

I've organised a bit of a get together on Thursday that I am calling "A Pint and Politics" and I just want to spread the world to all who may be interested.

The idea is to get some young and progressive people to have a drink and talk about local politics together with some interesting guests who are involved in local politics.

So I've booked the upstairs room at the Peirson Pub (at Royal Square) at 7pm this Thursday and asked Deputy Tadier, Deputy Macon and Rico Sorda to come take part in the discussion.

It's going to be really interesting and hopefully some great discussions will be had. The whole thing is meant to be informal and open, so I suppose even if you aren't young or progressive you would still be welcome! Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested!


Thursday 12th April
The Peirson

Facebook event page - http://www.facebook.com/events/214795761954605/


  1. Sam,I would love to attend but unfortunately, I will be out of the island. Good luck and I hope the meeting is well attended. Carrie

  2. Do you mind if we do a collection for the Pitmans on Thursday Sam?

    1. I'm happy to give a bit because I support what they were doing, but if I'm honest I don't really like the idea of asking young people at something like this because young people don't have much cash and I don't want them to be put off from events like this in future if they feel like there will always be a cause they have to donate to.

      But it depends how it goes, if you get talking to some people, bring it up and see what they think.

  3. Sam.

    An interesting and informative meeting last night thank you for organising it. Here is the link discussed which also contains a link to P15/2011 DEMOCRACY TERRORISTS

  4. You are wasting your time mixing with States Members that have minor roles in Government like Macon and Tadier and do not forget the people like Syvret who have had 20 years to change things but failed. Good luck but until you get some serious people on board you are going to be banging your head against a wall I am afraid.

    1. This shows a lack of understanding in how Jerseys system runs.

      Our government is essential made up of a party of right wing conservative types. People like Macon and Tadier don't have minor roles in government, they don't have roles at all in government, they are essentially opposition members.

      Opposition is a very important and integral part of democracy.

      But, most importantly, you'll note that this meeting was meant to be for "progressives". Could you point out to me a progressive in our government? There isn't one. If this were a conservative meeting, you'd have a point, but it wasn't.